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Daily Reflections

The Lord rebukes the wind and torrents of life against us to a great calm.


Genesis 19: 15-29. Ps. 26, Matthew 8: 23-27

BY Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf.

The steadfastness of the Lord never ceases, nor his faithfulness comes to an end but God renews it every day and in every moment because of his abounding mercy and love. The Lord overlooks our faults and often neglects our disobedience and bad will. Lot has not lived up to expectation like Abraham his uncle. He was not a man of gratitude who pays goodness with goodness but can be seen to be greedy and quarrelsome especially in the light of how he and his herdsmen treated Abraham. The love of the Lord and covenant with Abraham covered him and included him in God’s promises of blessing; he was living by the glory and mercy of another. This is how many of us live by the blessing, covenant and mercy of God issuing from another person’s faithfulness and prayerful intercession. At times we are ignorant of this and keep fighting the one whose patronage keeps us alive. This is unfortunate and ridiculous. When God decided to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah where Lot inhabits, for the sake of Abraham and his promises he decided to spare Lot and his family. He was warned to flee without hesitation out of the valley in the city to a hill for his protection; he took God’s warning for granted and in his delay was caught up by the people together with his wife and two daughters. The mercy of God that has willed to save him prevailed giving him a second chance. God always gives us a second chance and most often many chances but we do not utilize them thinking that the chances would never end. We always take the grace and patience of God for granted and in our incredulity we keep disobeying him.

Beloved, after the rescue of Lot by the grace of God, he was warned to go to the hill but he begged for the valley and God gave him yet another chance and consideration. In the loving relationship of our God with us, we as beggars make choices and he allows us. Even after granting his request for a valley instead of the hill God asked him to go, he was warned with his household never to look back but go straight away not to see the impending doom and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The wife like the husband in their disobedient spirit looked back and got the immediate anger of God and the consequences of disobedient and joking with God’s directives. Today many of us are in our troubles caused by our disobedience and yet we keep blaming God and crying to him when we have lost all our chances for grace. He tells us: Now is the favourable time, this is the day of salvation and asks us to utilize it, call on me in this time and he will rescue us; yet we take God for a ride.

Beloved it was God who saved Abraham and Lot from that storm and destruction; the same God saved the apostles on the sea. This world is full of waves and storms and torrents. He only needs us to be where he wills for us and to believe in him and call on him faithfully with conviction. He requires obedience from us and he would do all things well for us. He expects us to do away with fear and look up to him for help which will never fail us. Our God commands all things that worry us and make them calm down; we shall always marvel at the deeds of God in our life and say: What kind of God is this that everything obeys him?

May the Lord continue to give us another chance and be patient with us and rescue us from what comes after our lives. May the grace of God help us to be obedient to God and to remain faithful in him casting away fears and avoid taking the patience of God for granted, Amen.