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Encounter for the Apostolic Year Students

In an atmosphere of reunion, the 2016/2017 Apostolic Year Students gathered at the Provincialate on 4th April 2017 for their encounter. The programme which was jointly organized by the prefectures of Apostolate and Formation had in attendance the Prefect of Apostolate, Fr. Anthony Azinta and the Prefect of Formation, Fr. Kenneth Oguejiofor. In his presentation, the latter exposed the meaning and place of the prolonged apostolic work experience in the formation plan. He traced the initial formation process from the point of aspirancy to the stage of missionaries in formation, exposing the underlying and basic elements of the different stages. With deeper insights into the period of Apostolic Year, he invited the students to appreciate this stage of their initial formation and make the most of what it offers. The students had ample time to share their experiences in the missionary communities where they live. The apostolic and missionary dimensions of their experiences formed major themes for the sharing.


In his presentation, the Prefect of Apostolate drew his materials from the VII Provincial Chapter Document; “Strengthening Missionary Community as Basis for the Joy of the Gospel” paying particular attention to the words of the General Superior (Chapter President), the Provincial Superior and the section of the document on apostolate. He offered detailed explanations on the mission of the Congregation and the apostolate that the Province through her members is currently engaged in. He called for a spirit of docility, attentiveness, availability and self-sacrifice on the part of the students.  The participants also received updates from the Secretariat as the Provincial Secretary; Fr. Stanislaus Ekwujuru had some time to share some information with them.  The evening session was dedicated to some communal spiritual exercises which included the praying of the rosary, lectio divina and evening prayer. It was indeed for the students, a time of encounter with the Lord and with one another.