Claretian Missionaries - East Nigeria Province

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Meeting of Community Secretaries

The community secretaries converged at the Provincialate at Area “A” New Owerri on April 3, 2017 for a meeting initiated and animated by the Provincial Government. While welcoming the participants from the different communities (House and Residences in the Province), the Provincial Superior, VRF Simeon Nwobi said the inspiration for the meeting is deeply rooted in the resolution of the VII Provincial Chapter as manifested in the Action Plan; “To strengthen the animation of local councils in view of enhanced community animation” (On Spirituality 3). That the meeting comes days after the training of local economes and heads of activities in the Province the Provincial Superior underscored, points to the fact that the Provincial Government is intent on strengthening the animation of local councils which in turn will translate into more harmonious community animation. In his presentation, Fr. Nathaniel Eke who was the Provincial Secretary for eight years stressed the fact that the exercise would not only help the newly appointed community secretaries discover their roles in the community but also help to promote better flow of information between them and the Provincial Secretary. With several references to our norms and fruits of his wealth of experience he developed the theme; “The Place of the Community Secretary in the Community”. The rest of the day was spent in well-organized interactive sessions powered by the Provincial Secretary, Fr. Stanislaus Ekwujuru and the Assistant, Fr. Matthew Iwuagwu.