Claretian Missionaries - East Nigeria Province

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Training for Local Economes and Administrators

On March 29, 2017 the Prefecture of Economy organized a one-day training for the first batch of economes and heads of activities of the Province. Introducing the training which took place at the Provincialate (Curia) at Area “A” New Owerri Imo State, the Prefect of Economy, Fr. Nathaniel Eke called the attention of the participants to certain numbers of our norms; Dir. 541, 543, 553. While underlining the need for proper training of personnel for the delicate service of administering the temporal goods of the Congregation in justice and charity, the facilitator said the exercise was a response to the resolution of the VII Provincial Chapter on economy as articulated by the Provincial Government in her Action Plan for the sexennium.

The training featured an in-depth explanation of the current accounting plan of the Congregation and the necessary details for systematic budgeting, reporting and accounting. Suggestions and guidelines on ways to keep proper records in the double entry accounting system (inwards and outwards) were proffered by the econome as he entertained questions and observations from the eleven (11) participants present at the event. The training comes as a prelude to a second stage that will center on more complex aspects of accounting and the presentation of accounting software for the Province adapted from the Congregational model.