PREFECT: Fr. Anthony Azinta, CMF.

The Prefecture of Apostolate is at the centre of the animation and co-ordination of the apostolic activities of the Province. The Prefecture carries out her activities based on the Action Plan of the Provincial Government.

  1. Pastoral Council
  2. JPIC Commission
  3. CLACOM Board
  4. School Board
  5. Youth and Vocation Secretariat
The Bible naturally has a major place in our pastoral activities. Using different pastoral strategies, our personnel emphasize the place of the Word of God in the life of a Christian. Apart from the annual publishing of the Bible Diary which is hardly enough for the increasing number that demand for copies yearly, the Enthronement of the Word and Lectio Divina are other programmes that our missionaries animate in this regards. More so, we encourage the formation and proper accompaniment of sodalities and groups that devote quality time to the study and teaching of the Word of God in the missions.  This helps to further our mission as Servants of the Word.
In faithfulness to our charism, we prioritize option for the poor given the resources available to us. Most of our missionary positions have avenues for attending to the needs of the poor. We collaborate with St. Vincent de Paul Society and other catholic charity agencies in the different dioceses where we work. Service to the displaced and indigent persons is one of our contributions to the local church.
The CLACOM publishes and distributes the Bible Diary and the Insight Magazine as means of propagating the Gospel message in the style of St. Anthony Mary Claret. The annual publications of our activity centers include: The Enquirer and Divine Word (Claretian Institute of Philosophy Maryland Nekede), Claret Curiosity (Claret Academy New Owerri) and Claret Voice (Claret Sec Sch. Nekede).

A.     Secondary

s/n Name
1 Claret Academy (Sec Sch) Area “A” New Owerri, Imo State
2 Claret Sec Sch Umualum Nekede Owerri Imo State
3 Claret Academy (Sec Sch) Garikki Enugu State
4 Claret Comprehensive School Amurri

B.     Nursery/ Primary

s/n Name
1 Claret Academy Nursery/ Primary New Owerri, Imo State
2 Claret Nursery and Primary Sch Nekede Owerri, Imo State