Meeting of the Local Superiors

Meeting of the Local Superiors

April 25, 2017

For enhanced community animation, the Provincial Government organized a meeting/ workshop with the Local Superiors of the Province. Taking cognizance of the theme of the VII Provincial Chapter; “Strengthening Missionary Community as Basis for the Joy of the Gospel”, the Provincial Government undertook in her Action Plan (2016-2022), “To strengthen the animation of local councils in view of enhanced community animation” (cf. Action Plan 2016-2022, Community and Spirituality No 3). To actualize this objective, the Government resolved to organize a meeting with the local superiors at least twice a year. This first meeting with the local superiors for the year was scheduled to round off the first part of the animation of the local communities for the year since the Provincial Government had earlier organized separate meetings/workshops with the local economes and then with the local secretaries.

In his welcome address, the Provincial Superior thanked God for journey mercies granted to the local superiors and invited all to assume the proper disposition for the workshop. While presenting the lead paper of the day, “The Person of the Local Superior”, the Provincial Superior hinged his presentation on our congregational documents (mainly the Constitutions and Directory) as he exposed the person and functions of the local superior who must adopt a servant-leader approach in his service to the confreres.

The event featured an interactive session centered on the VII Provincial Chapter Document wherein the chapter members reflected on the need to make our communities; “disciple-missionaries community” and thus underlined that; “Our communities would be homes that radiate happiness which expresses the joy of the gospel to the extent that superiors assume the role of servant-leaders in imitation of Christ who came not to be served, but to serve (cf. Mtt. 20:28; Mk. 10:45), and also who invites the first among us to be the last and servant of all (cf. Mk 9:35).” The superiors thus reflected on the requisite attitudes for the attainment of community that radiates the joy of the Gospel.

Apart from the reports by the local superiors on their communities, the workshop also featured a presentation by the Provincial Prefect of Formation on “Freedom, Authority and Community”. The Provincial Prefect of Economy, had time to share with the participants on certain economic functions of the local superior. With the concise presentation on updates from the Secretariat by the Provincial Secretary, the Provincial Superior then proceeded to thank all who participated in the programme and called on the local superiors to endeavor to put into practice the dividends of the workshop.