Claret Academy Holds Social Week

Claret Academy Holds Social Week

Social Week at Claret Academy (Secondary School), Area “A” World Bank Housing Estate, New Owerri.

Claret Academy (Secondary School) as a school that aims towards the holistic formation of her students organized a Social Week which served as an avenue for the students to nurture and exhibit their talents and intellectual prowess and as the Latin adage has it, non scholae sed vitae discimus which means “we do not learn for school, but for life.”

The Social Week kicked off on Friday 30th July 2021 and ended on Thursday 5th August 2021. The week featured activities such as debate, quiz, spelling bee, singing, dancing, acting, cooking, cultural dance and drama and a lot of games.

To mark the end of the social week, awards were presented to those who distinguished themselves during different activities of the week. Also, those who were outstanding in academics and morals in the just concluded academic year of 2020/2021 were equally acknowledged. Most prominent among all are Maduka Francisca who was awarded the school Academic Over all Best and Odeh Solomon was awarded the Best-Behaved Student of the Year.

Mbachu Hillary,