Our Missionaries Open a Clinic in Nekede

Our Missionaries Open a Clinic in Nekede


Good health is essential for sustainable development. According the UN at least 400 million people have no basic healthcare, and 40 percent lack social protection. Access to primary health care is still a challenge in Nigeria.

Aware of these challenges, our missionaries Fr Wence Isidienu, George Njoku and Desmond Okereke, cmff in collaboration with the women group-Catholic Women Organization built a clinic to provide primary health care to men, women and children in Umualum Nekede and environs.


The clinic was officially opened for public use on Sunday 25th August 2019.

The clinic which is situated at the parish compound is geared towards taking care of the basic health needs of the people of Nekede, equally serves as maternity. The motive of the project as initiated by our missionaries is to aid men and women who are unable to access hospitals due to financial constraints to have access to their basic health treatment.

To the glory of God, the clinic was blessed by Rev. Fr. George Njoku, CMF while the parishioners present sang and shouted for joy for this great stride achieved by the Catholic women orgnisation of the parish.

The Clinic

Fr George Blessing the Clinic