Power of Praise: Afara Parish Celebrates Youth Week

Power of Praise: Afara Parish Celebrates Youth Week


Youth Week Celebration is an annual youth programme for the Catholic Youths all over the world. It is a remarkable moment in the lives of all Catholic Youths.

However, at St. Dominic’s Catholic Parish Afara, the 2019 edition of our youth week   celebration was an event that its memory will continue to remain ever green in the minds of all the Afara Catholic Community and its environs. The theme of the programme is ” The Power of Praise”

The programme started on Sunday 22nd September with a football match between two zones within the parish. In line with the program of event, on Monday evening, all the Catholic Youths embarked on a marathon race which served as a mechanism for creating awareness. Monday’s event was concluded with a closing prayer and youth Anthem at the parish Garden.

Tuesday’s activities engaged the parish youths in series of sporting events ranging from 100m / 200m race, egg race, sack race, coke race etc, involving both genders.

Wednesday’s program began with a friendly male football match, which took place between our Parish and Holy family Parish Amauburu Ubomiri. This friendly match is aimed at creating a strong inter-parish relationship and cooperation among the youths. Thursday’s activities were spirit- filled, as the youths were engaged in Holy mass, adoration and deliverance prayers. During the adoration, the officiating Priest used the topic ” Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain” to explain the history of the human salvation and the continual saving power of the lamb that was slain. He concluded the program with prayer of deliverance and exorcism. As a follow-up to that inspiring event, Friday evening features a penitential service and confession for the parish Youths. We are glad that most of our parish Youths were able make their confession and returned to sacrament after many years. We began the Saturday’s program with the youth sanitation in the morning, through which we tidied-up the parish environs. At about, 10:am, we had an inter-parish female football match which took place between our parish youths and youths of the mother parish CKC mbieri, which ended 3-0, in favour of our parish. Saturday evening section began with a seminar/paper presentation from Chief Barr. Eddy Onyema, who is also the patron of our parish youths. Barrister presented a paper titled “Maximizing your Potentials –  Option for Catholic Youths”. In his teaching, he made references to series of biblical figures, encouraging youths to maximize their potentials through perseverance, hard work, good relationship and fear of God. This was followed by a quiz competition conducted among the parish zones.

The grand finale of the programme took place on Sunday with a Eucharistic Celebration and fund raising exercise for church instruments. A reception followed after mass at the parish Hall. This reception featured the opening prayer, opening remark, cola presentation, welcome address, welcome song by CYON choir, cultural dance display, drama and other entertainments.

In a nutshell, our 2019 edition of CYON week was significant socially, academically and spiritual in the lives of the parish youths.  Glory be to God in the highest and thanks to Afara pastoral team; Frs. Nicholas Chinweze cmf, and Marcellinus Njeze,cmf, parish youths executives and other human agents that contributed to the success.


By Fr. Marcel Njeze, cmf.

Fr Marcel with the Youth

Power of Praise

The Liturgy

The Youth having a good time