SOMI Team and St Paul Church Nekede Organise Free Holiday Education Programme

SOMI Team and St Paul Church Nekede Organise Free Holiday Education Programme

According the UN, “The formative early years of a child’s life demand a nurturing environment and attentive care. Early childhood, which spans the period up to 8 years of age, is critical for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development…Optimal brain development requires a stimulating environment, adequate nutrients and social interaction with attentive caregivers.”

Aware of these facts the SOMI Team of East Nigeria Province in collaboration with our missionaries at St Paul Church Nekede Owerri Imo State organized a free holiday education programme for indigent children of Nekede and neighbouring communities.

The free holidays extra-mural formation started on Monday 29th day of July and ended on 4th September 2019.
It’s a fact that in our society today, their is high rate of moral decadence. The program was centered purely on inculcating good moral values in the life of the children and admonishing them to live the life of virtue. It was also focused on building the moral psyche of the children as to curb immoral excesses in the society.

To achieve the aim of the program, the children were taught the life of St Anthony Mary Claret. They were also given teachings on prayer, the dangers of greed, lies, pornography, the dignity of work, respect for elders and a host of other teachings. The also had time for academic quiz competition.


The program was blessed with a huge turnout of children starting from the very first day till the last day of the program. Over 600 children registered for the program; with over 500 children on attendance each day.

On the other hand, the program brought together both the Catholics and other Christians. Interestingly, many parents brought testimonies, on the positive changes seen in the life of their children.