SOS Claretian Mission: Flood Submerge Two Villages in Sarh Chad

SOS Claretian Mission:  Flood Submerge Two Villages in Sarh Chad

8 October 2019 Sarh Chad

Doguigui and Gentil villages in the Claretian Mission in Sarh Chad have been submerged by flood following heavy rains which began on Friday 4 October, 2019. What started as a light drizzle gradually metamorphosed to heavy convectional tropical rainfall.

Doguigui  is  completely submerged while Gentil still has some houses that were spared by the flood, Although no lives were lost, about 30 houses were completely destroyed and about 1500 people are rendered homeless.

For a place which lacks primary health care, there is fear of an epidemic breaking out. Many people are sick, and there are no means of getting them to the nearest town for proper health care.  Fr Casmir Ibe, CMF the pastor of Ste. Marie Mere de L’Eglise, Sarh Chad reports that: “At this moment they can only get to the town by trekking about an hour and half inside the flood since even motorcycle cannot come in or out. To evacuate the sick ones at this time is very difficult. They are farmers and now have lost most of their farm produce to the flood. They need food, clothing, medication and rebuilding of their houses. The people now take refuge in the only primary school in the neighborhood. ”

“My people are in misery. This is moving from poverty to misery. Please Help!” said Fr Casmir. He therefore calls on men and women of goodwill to come to their aid in this difficult time.

some people taking refuge at the primary school

Submerged farmlands

Temporary residence at the primary school

Fr Casmir Inspecting the level of damage

Submerged buildings

Destryed homes

Temporary residence at the primary school